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Dr. Jercinovic has been offering Invisalign, the painless, practically invisible alternative to braces, for almost two decades. Invisalign uses alignment trays custom made for your mouth to gradually move your teeth to the desired position. Invisalign trays are taken out at every meal. Teeth and trays should be brushed before putting trays back in. They’re painless to wear and designed specifically to meet your goals.

In one quick consultation, Dr. Jercinovic will review your condition, talk with you about your goals, and put together a plan for treatment. If Invisalign sounds right for you, he’ll take impressions, photographs, and x-rays, which will be used by Invisalign to manufacture alignment trays perfectly suited to your mouth. Before the trays are manufactured, you’ll come in for a ClinCheck appointment, at which point Dr. Jercinovic uses Invisalign’s digital imaging technology to show you exactly how the trays will move your teeth, as well as what your new smile will look like, so you can evaluate your results before you begin. Once you’ve given the okay to begin, Invisalign will manufacture your alignment trays. With the trays in place, you’ll work with Dr. Jercinovic over the course of the next few months, checking in every four to six weeks, to make sure everything is going according to plan, and that you’re still on track for the smile of your dreams.

Common Questions about Invisalign

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a painless, practically invisible method of moving teeth into a desired position without braces.

How does it work?

Invisalign involves a series of clear aligners that slowly move your teeth over time. Rather than using painful brackets and bands, Invisalign’s clear aligner trays are replaced regularly, and each new tray moves your teeth about half a millimeter. Once you and Dr. Jercinovic have determined the right look and feel for your smile, he’ll take impressions, photographs, and x-rays, which Invisalign uses to manufacture alignment trays custom made for your mouth. After a week or two with one tray, you’ll go onto the next, and each slowly makes the subtle adjustments needed to reach your goal without discomfort or unsightly brackets.

Does Invisalign hurt?

Invisalign is a painless process. Some patients might experience tension in their teeth when they first put on a new aligner, but that will go away over the course of the week. Most patients don’t notice the trays at all.

Will Invisalign work if I have crowns?

Invisalign can easily move teeth with crowns. However, if you have implants, those teeth cannot be moved, as they are attached to the bone. If you have an implant crown it will stay where it is, but Dr. Jercinovic can work around it. Standard crowns, however, do not pose a problem.

Are there any cases where Invisalign doesn’t work?

The most common hurdle to Invisalign treatment is a simple cavity. Invisalign treatments should be started after all other medically necessary procedures have been completed. Dr. Jercinovic will do a thorough examination at your initial appointment to ensure any fillings, crowns, or other treatments are addressed before starting Invisalign. Implants, which cannot be moved by Invisalign as they are grafted to the bone, can be worked around.

The only other major factor in the success rate of Invisalign is you. Compliance is critical to the success of your Invisalign treatment. Luckily, caring for your Invisalign is relatively easy, requiring only that you wear the trays for about 22 hours a day and clean them first thing in the morning and after you eat. Cleaning consists only of brushing the trays, so they’re as simple to take care of as your regular teeth.

Does Invisalign cause headaches?

Dr. Jercinovic has never encountered this complaint before. Invisalign, for his patients, is typically a pain-free experience.

Will Invisalign fix an overbite?

If the overbite is related to the alignment of your teeth, Invisalign will likely be able to address this issue. If the overbite is related to the position of the jawbone, that is likely addressed with surgical procedures. Your condition will be individually evaluated when Dr. Jercinovic sees you for your initial Invisalign appointment.

Does Invisalign work with severely crowded teeth?

Yes, Invisalign works even with severely crowded teeth. There are some cases that might require elastic bands, but in those cases Dr. Jercinovic will suggest traditional braces. During your initial consultation, you and Dr. Jercinovic will discuss what the options available for your treatment, and you’ll determine the best course of treatment together.

How long will I have to wear Invisalign?

Most patients are finished with treatment in less than a year. Some achieve their goals in as little as a few months. During your consultation, you’ll discuss your condition with Dr. Jercinovic, as well as you goals, and you’ll know before beginning just how long the treatment should take.

Is Invisalign better than braces?

The success of Invisalign depends on the patient following the guidelines determined by the provider. If the patient follows the protocol, stays on time between trays, and comes in for regular visits, Invisalign works exactly as well as traditional braces. If the patient has difficulty wearing trays consistently, coming in for regular checkups for new trays, or is traveling frequently, traditional braces may be a better option. Dr. Jercinovic will speak with you at your first visit to ensure your success with Invisalign!

Who is a good candidate for Invisalign?

Anyone who is a candidate for braces is a candidate for Invisalign. There are very few clinical conditions that would keep you from being a good candidate.

What can you eat with Invisalign?

Invisalign shouldn’t interfere with your eating. You’ll take out the trays whenever you eat, so whatever food you’re comfortable eating without Invisalign, you should be comfortable with during treatment. To maintain your alignment trays, you’ll brush them after eating, just like you brush your teeth. As an added bonus for some patients, this added step leads to a reduced amount of snacking during the day.

What other kind of maintenance is required for Invisalign? What’s the upkeep like?

The goal is to wear your Invisalign trays for 22 hours a day. You’ll take them out and brush them every time you brush your teeth (which should be after every meal), and you’ll brush them in the morning when you brush your teeth. Other than that, you don’t have to worry about them.

Are Invisalign trays noticeable?

Invisalign trays are practically invisible. They’ll go unnoticed during normal, daily interactions.

What sets Dr. Jercinovic apart from other dentists offering Invisalign?

Dr. Jercinovic has been offering Invisalign for almost two decades (since 2000). He’s done over a hundred cases, working closely with patients to address their concern and to help them achieve their goals. He’ll put your comfort first, and make sure you’re confident and comfortable throughout your treatment.

How much will I pay for Invisalign? Is it covered by insurance?

Cost depends on the extent of your case and the length of treatment. Cases start at as little as $2,500. At your first consultation with Dr. Jercinovic, you will have a more accurate estimate of which case best fits your needs. If your insurance plan covers Orthodontic treatment, our office will review your particular coverage and estimates at your initial visit with you. If you need additional financing, our office offers CareCredit and can get you pre-certified for 0% APR plans for up to 12 months. Additional financing options available.

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