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Halsted Street Dental accepts most dental insurance PPO plans serving the majority of Americans. Please note that this is not a complete list of all our contracted insurance carriers. Contact your insurance carrier to find out if we are in your dental network.


What’s Better for a Tooth Cavity? A Dental Filling or a Root Canal?


When patients have cavities the surface of the tooth is permanently damaged, and tiny holes develop. They can be caused by bacteria, the food you eat or drink, and poor oral hygiene. The severity of the decay, and the condition of the tooth will determine what course of treatment is best. We provide many services for our patients, and your health is our first priority.


What Type of Treatments Do General Dentists Provide?


General Dentists provide services to diagnose, treat, and maintain your oral health. Our office specializes in general dentistry, and this includes preventative, corrective, and restorative treatment for patients. Our general dental care services allow us to remove any decay or disease from your teeth and gums. We preserve your natural teeth and keep you looking and feeling great.